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Weight Loss

For more than 35 years New Life has maintained the same natural approach to diet and health. The cuisine at New Life emphasizes cleansing of the body to get rid of impurities and toxins by using the freshest most wholesome foods available. The menu focuses on weight loss or maintenance by providing a nutritional balance of complex carbohydrates for the energy and fuel of an active vacation and enough protein and fat to meet individual needs.

It’s all in the name -- New Life Hiking Spa. We are well known for our accessible hiking program tailored to all fitness abilities. The weight loss retreat at New Life starts you out with beginner nature walks and classes appropriate for your current level of fitness and progressively challenges you at the right intensity. You become stronger, feel better and are amazed at what you can accomplish by the end of your stay.

To assist you in continuing with a healthy lifestyle after your weight loss retreat New Life offers cooking classes, nutrition and wellness workshops and individual counseling as well as an on-line cookbook, the New Life Diet, where you can find many of our popular dishes. 

"The best part of New Life was that I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks since being there. In the past it’s taken me 6 weeks on Weight Watchers to lose the same 10 pounds. Thanks for showing me a different way of eating that isn’t dieting. I feel healthier and have a lot more energy. Thank you and your staff." - Kelly B. Medford, MA

"When I am asked how much weight I lost I can only answer…I’ve gained self esteem and confidence." - Hal B. Kansas City, MO

"Jimmy, 24.5 lbs. on the nose this morning. That’s 25 lbs. in 24 days. Not bad!" - Jack S. York, PA

What makes New Life’s Weight Loss Retreat stand alone in its class?

  • We excel at taking you from where you are now to the next level of wellness and beyond.
  • Our non-clinical approach uses mountains, clean air and lush greenery instead of a treadmill, and wholesome natural food instead of a diet.
  • Professional down to earth staff that cares about you and understands your needs.
  • A life-changing experience that gives you the tools to realize your goals.
  • The diversity of guests and well-balanced environment provides for a casual camp- like atmosphere rather than a fat farm.