New Life Hiking Spa

Fitness and Spa


New Life Hiking Spa is the most award-winning spa in the country for hiking and outdoor adventure. No one does hiking better than us. For the 20 weeks we are open in Vermont, hiking is at its prime. It’s the country’s most beautiful hiking at the most beautiful time of the year!

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Spa Services

One $75.00 service (massage or reflexology) is included for each three-night stay (if you choose a $90 service, the additional $15 will be charged to your room). Additional services are priced at $75 -$90 per hour. Reservations for services are made daily by a staff member at 8:30 am in the hospitality area before the morning hikes.

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Weight Loss

For more than 35 years New Life has maintained the same natural approach to diet and health. The cuisine at New Life emphasizes cleansing of the body to get rid of impurities and toxins by using the freshest most wholesome foods available.

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Daily Schedule

The flexibility of our schedule allows daily modification. We offer a variety of activities for men and women at all fitness levels, as well as the amenities of a year-round resort.

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