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Weight loss retreats - an alternative to traditional fat farms

Weight Loss Retreats are a better alternative to Adult Fat Camps – A Jump Start to Getting Healthy

Adult Fat Camps

With an increase in awareness in health due to scary statistics regarding obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, the desire for people to become more healthy has been on the rise. Weight loss retreats from Killington, Vermont's New Life Hiking Spa educate guests about health enhancement, enabling them to continue the healthy habits picked up at the retreat once they are back in their daily lives. A far cry from old-fashioned adult fat camps, hiking is an important part of the retreat program at New Life, a great way to get over the initial hump of beginning a fitness campaign.

An Alternative to Traditional Fat Farms

Fat Farms

For almost 40 years, New Life Hiking Spa has been helping people lose weight and get healthy.  For more than a decade, New Life Hiking Spa has been offering an eleven day weight loss retreat with special pricing to allow guests to have an extended stay and still be able to afford the program. In the past, when people wanted to drop quick pounds they would go to “fat farms”and old-fashioned adult fat camps for knocking off weight in a short period of time through intense exercise and near starvation at a premium price. New Life Hiking Spa's alternative is designed not for quick losses but for a holistic lifestyle change, which leads to healthier habits and better eating, for a gradual but steady increase in feeling and looking better.

New Life's Weight Loss Retreats

New Life is renowned for being an affordable destination spa with some of the nation's best fitness programming. Celebrating thirty eight years in business, its weight loss retreats have been regarded by the industry as some of the best in the world. New Life Hiking Spa was selected by Health Magazine as one of "Four Great Weight Loss Spas" in the United States and New Life has been regarded as one of the top spas for it's healthy food, hiking program and weight loss retreat by numerous other major publications. New Life Hiking Spa is the original, authentic wellness retreat. Say goodbye to old fashioned fat farms and say hello to a New Life.